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Owner's Manuals

Spinball 3 Wheel
Spinball 2 Wheel
Rawlings 3 Wheel
Rawlings 2 Wheel
Turret Ball Feeder
Barrel Ball Feeder
2020 Spinball 3 Wheel

Pitch Charts

Spinball 3 Wheel Baseball
Spinball 3 Wheel Softball
Spinball 2 Wheel Baseball
Spinball 2 Wheel Softball
Rawlings 2 Wheel Baseball
Rawlings 2 Wheel Softball

Apps (Android only)

iPitch v4.2.1
Spinball 2W App
Spinball 2W Setup v1.0
Allstar Ace 7000 v4.2.1
Allstar Ace 3000 v1

iPitch machines ship with updated databases pre-loaded on the tablet. If you would like to preview the app on your device, you must download the latest databases for pitches, pitchers, and sequences the first time you run the app:

  1. Start the app. You will begin in Demo Mode, which is the correct mode.
  2. Press the “Aim” button to go to the next screen. This is where you would set your machine’s target point if you were connected to a machine.
  3. Press “≡” for the navigation menu then select the “Databases” screen.
  4. There are 3 sections on the Databases screen: Pitches, Pitchers, and Sequences. Press the “Download Update” then the “Restore Defaults” buttons in each section. You will get a popup warning that you may overwrite existing data. Choose either Overwrite or Keep since there is no existing data. This will download and update all the databases the app needs.

The app has been optimized for the specific tablet we use, and may not display 100% correctly on your device. See the owner’s manual for more details.