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Spinball Three Wheel
Mini Machine 
"The Spinny Mini"


  • Used by MLB and D1 teams

  • Small, lightweight and portable

  • Top speed of 75 mph for all pitches

  • Pivots freely for defensive drills

  • Choose from a smart control panel or a lower priced basic panel with individual wheel controls

  • XL option provides higher release point for realistic pitch trajectory

  • Motors are protected from ball impact by machine frame

  • 5 year warranty / 1 year commercial

  • Made in USA

A Three Wheel Machine at a Two Wheel Price

The Spinny Mini combines the easy setup and enhanced ball visibility of our three wheel machine with the portability and lower price of a two wheel.

Defensive drills – Machine pivots freely on ball bearings to aim anywhere on the field quickly and easily.


Long steel clamping handles – New design keeps the machine aimed right where you set it.


Heavy duty wheel guard – The new steel guard is so strong it actually makes the frame stiffer.


Top Quality Motors – Our industrial grade, American made motors feature oversized, hardened stainless steel shafts to ensure a long life. And unlike other machines, our motors are protected by the 1/4″ steel frame, not exposed to batted balls. With their machines, one line drive can cost you $400 in repairs.


Throw Any Pitch from Any Angle – Both versions of the Mini can throw any pitch, but setting up custom pitches is much easier with our patented smart control panel.


Mini Smart Panel

With the smart control panel, you can set pitch speed, spin direction, and spin amount directly. No math or charts required. Maximum spin rate is roughly 2000 RPM.


Mini Basic Panel

With the lower priced basic control panel, you set the wheel speeds individually. Use our chart for a variety of standard pitches, or experiment to find your exact custom pitch.

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