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Rawlings 3 Wheel

3 wheel design with iPitch® electronic control panel for the ultimate in velocity, control, and ease of use

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Note: One week lead time on all Rawlings machines


Rawlings 2 Wheel

Any pitch at any angle, plus two bright LED speed displays with adjustments for MPH/KPH and baseball/softball

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Note: One week lead time on all Rawlings machines


Automatic Feeder

Patent pending interchangeable turret design holds more balls in less space than any other system

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Sold Out - New, improved version available late May


Spinball 2 Wheel

Nearly 2000 sold! Lightweight and portable, the Spinball Wizard gives you more MPH for less $$

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Note: 48 hour lead time on all Spinball machines



  • “The Kaskaskia Softball team purchased a Spinball 2 wheel pitching machine this fall to help with our hitting. Every year I have players that cannot either hit the faster pitches at the college level, or the slower changeup speeds. The Spinball 2 wheel has the power to throw different pitches such as the curve, drop, fast, and change. This allows my team to work on these pitches so they are ready for game day. We use the Spinball all year round in our indoor batting cages and outside on our field. The Spinball is light, so we are able to transport the machine to where our needs may be at that time. I recommend Spinball for any age team.”

    Torey Crowell
    Head Softball Coach
    Kaskaskia College
  • “I would fully recommend the COMBO SPINBALL WIZARD to any team at any level... For Lindbergh Baseball and Softball the machine has proven to be a valuable asset with its versatility and dependability. We have used JUGS and ATEC in the past and this machine is more reliable and able to be used more efficiently. I am very impressed the ability to throw a variety of pitches for both baseball and softball. This will not be the last SPINBALL product we acquire at Lindbergh!”

    Darin Scott
    Head Baseball & Softball Coach
    Lindbergh High School
  • “Simply put, Spinball makes the best machines we have ever used. They are extremely accurate, light but sturdy, and easy to maneuver by one person. I started using Spinball three wheel machines at Appalachian State in 2011 and we have continued using them to this day at Duke University. We incorporate our Spinball machine into every practice. I have used both the two wheel and three wheel machines and can strongly recommend both!”

    Chris Pollard
    Head Baseball Coach
    Duke University


Duke University Creighton University Missouri Univerisity Liberty Univerisity Maryville Univerisity Savanah State Univerisity Hanover College Tufts University Univerisity North Carolina Charlotte Univeristy Of Arkansas Monticello Lindbergh High School St. Louis Mens Baseball League


Rawlings Pro Line Three Wheel Pitching Machine


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