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  • Used by 8 MLB teams (and counting)
  • Change pitches in six seconds or less
  • Random sequences
  • 16 built-in pitchers with 140 pitches
  • Custom pitches to simulate any pitcher
  • Pitch speeds 50-100 MPH
  • Ball spin rates 0-3000 RPM
  • Upgrade your system just by updating the app
  • XL option provides higher release point for more realistic pitch trajectory
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year commercial
  • Ships motor freight
  • Download the app for Android

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    Batting Practice Screen

    Select a pitcher and you're ready for BP.   Choose from 16 built-in pitchers or create your own. Each pitcher can throw up to 12 different pitches. Left and right handed factory defined pitchers are available with top speeds from 60-95 mph. All pitch speeds are programmed as a percentage of the pitcher's fastball, so breaking pitches are thrown at a realistic speed relative to the fastball. For example, a pitcher with a 90 mph fastball will throw a 75 mph curve. Select "random sequence" to change pitches every time a ball is thrown. You can even choose which pitches are included in the sequence by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the pitch buttons.

    Each pitch can be aimed for any of nine zones. We can't guarantee the pitch will be thrown in the selected zone every time, but the target point moves as selected.

    Pitcher Screen

    Edit factory supplied pitchers or create your own.   Each pitcher has a repertoire of up to 12 pitches. Create profiles for real or fictional pitchers by simply selecting the pitches from a list. Choose from 140 factory defined pitches or create your own on the Pitch screen (see below). You can create realistic pitchers or specialty ones for specific drills. For example, you can create a pitcher that throws 10 different speed fastballs to concentrate on timing. Or create pitches out of the zone to work on pitch selection. It's up to you.

    New Feature! - Use a Google Sheet to maintain your library of pitchers. The online spreadsheet is linked directly to the app so your changes on the spreadsheet are immediately available for use in the app.

    Pitch Screen

    Edit factory pitches or create your own.   Define and aim your pitches here for use in other screens. To define a pitch, set the speed, spin rate and spin direction, then aim it. When satisfied, save the pitch to the database. You can always come back and make changes, and those changes will apply wherever that pitch is used. You can use Statcast, Rapsodo or HitTrax data to exactly replicate any pitch.

    New Feature! - Use a Google Sheet to maintain your library of pitches. The online spreadsheet is linked directly to the app so your changes on the spreadsheet are immediately available for use in the app.

    iPitch® is the most advanced pitching machine available

    Fast pitch changes - Change between most pitches in under 5 seconds. The machine aims automatically. You can choose both the pitch and the target zone.

    Random sequences - A new pitch is selected every time a ball is thrown. Hitters won't know which pitch is next.

    Programmed sequences - Create a pre-defined sequence of pitches to compare batter performance or simulate at specific at bat.

    Custom pitches with controlled spin rate - Only Spinball machines let you set the ball's spin rate and direction to simulate any specific pitch or pitcher. You can even group these custom pitches into custom pitchers, so you can practice against the exact pitcher you will be facing in your next game.

    Wireless interface - The machine is controlled over Wi-Fi by an Android tablet with a range of up to 300 ft. Hitters can control the machine from the plate or coaches can control it from behind the backstop.

    Easily upgradable - Upgrading the machine is as easy as downloading the latest version of the app. Spinball will be adding new capabilities, new pitcher definitions, and new defensive drills to the app in the future.

    What Our Customers Say

    "The control panel is effortless, allowing you to set up any pitch you want with great accuracy. I find the machine to be highly versatile. From batting practice, to tracking fly balls, to catchers drills, our coaching staff use the machines everyday. I would highly recommend the Rawlings Pro Line 3 wheel pitching machine for anyone looking to improve their overall program."

    “Simply put, Spinball makes the best machines we have ever used. They are extremely accurate, light but sturdy, and easy to maneuver by one person. I started using Spinball two wheel machines at Appalachian State in 2011 and we have continued using them to this day at Duke University. We incorporate our Spinball machine into every practice. I have used both the two wheel and three wheel machines and can strongly recommend both!”

    “The Kaskaskia Softball team purchased a Spinball 2 wheel pitching machine this fall to help with our hitting. Every year I have players that cannot either hit the faster pitches at the college level, or the slower changeup speeds. The Spinball 2 wheel has the power to throw different pitches such as the curve, drop, fast, and change. This allows my team to work on these pitches so they are ready for game day. We use the Spinball all year round in our indoor batting cages and outside on our field. The Spinball is light, so we are able to transport the machine to where our needs may be at that time. I recommend Spinball for any age team.”

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